Fake Christians

Christians don’t believe in Yahweh or refer to Jesus Christ as Yeshua. Only Ashkenazi Jews do – The Nazi’s refer to Jesus as Yeshua and they believe in Yahweh which they refer to as their God who is actually Satan! It was the Ashkenazi Jews (Nazi’s) who murdered Jesus Christ who was the son of… Continue reading Fake Christians

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Brook Ward

Since my stay here, I have gained much intel on the operations of the mental health system and how it all ticks, the pro’s and cons including the reliance on big pharmaceutical medications which is a massive con and scam and is corrupt to the core! Professionals such as Responsible Clinicians and Psychiatrists within the… Continue reading Brook Ward

Modern Day Trojan Horses

In the 21st century, I amongst many others have identified many trojan horses in our societies which pose a modern, clear and present danger to our communities. For example: Sodium Flouride in toothpaste and tap water (the Nazi’s used it during the 2nd World War to dumb the German population of Nazi Germany down). It… Continue reading Modern Day Trojan Horses

EMF Radiation Poisoning

I thought I’d add a few words to my blog about EMF Radiation Poisoning from various household appliances and the 5G Cell Towers and Street Lamps here in the UK. Mobile/Cellular Phones are known to cause all kinds of health problems in our lives such as sleep disorders and ARS (Acute Radiation Sickness). Some of… Continue reading EMF Radiation Poisoning


None of the rules add up or make any real sense as most of us know with regards to covid-19 and the lockdowns and social distancing (most of us knew this last year if we’re completely honest!). Take the rules that have been implemented on the ward here at the hospital I’m staying at for… Continue reading Covid-19

Swab Test/PCR Test

Well yesterday’s latest episode in the saga during my stay at the hospital under false pretenses involved being asked to take a Covid-19 swab test/PCR test (which I’m aware is coated in a substance called ethylene oxide which is classed as a carcinogen) in order to win back my freedom from a lockdown on the… Continue reading Swab Test/PCR Test

The side effects

For well over a decade, I’ve been prescribed various medications especially going as far back as about 2005 when I first entered the mental health system as an outpatient. I wasn’t discharged from the system until about 2015 and during that time I took anti-psychotics such as Olanzapine (even though I wasn’t psychotic) and anti-depressants… Continue reading The side effects

The trouble with psychiatric medication and abuse!

For over a decade I’ve been prescribed anti-psychotic medication and mis-prescribed and mis-sold medication by psychiatrists and various community mental health nurses etc. The latest development is that after being mis-sold olanzapine which I was told was prescribed to help me sleep after a sleep disorder which has been on and off for over a… Continue reading The trouble with psychiatric medication and abuse!

Section 3 now…

A couple of days ago, well Wednesday 18th August, my Section 2 on the Brook Ward was officially at an end at 11.59pm that evening. However, about an hour or two beforehand, earlier on, my mother had frustrated me when I spoke with her on the phone and wound me up (not for the first… Continue reading Section 3 now…

Welcome to my personal blog!

Welcome to my blog by Mark Wheawill My incarceration as a political prisoner! Welcome to my personal blog which describes my unique time held captive as a political prisoner and under false pretenses on a mental health unit. I was originally sectioned a month ago on a section 2 in late July 2021 for a… Continue reading Welcome to my personal blog!