About Me

Welcome to my personal blog site!

I am an Artist/DJ and Record Producer. I had about 35 records released on 12″ vinyl format on a number of dance music record labels between 1999 to 2005 and I have recently released a couple of new albums called “Quantum Leap” and “Future Gospel”.

I achieved “Tune of the Month” in IDJ Magazine in 2003 with my Vitality “Skylite” track which was originally released on Method Records. I also DJ’d on Manchester’s Key 103FM in 2003 to approximately 15,000 listeners and I have written two books previously over the last couple of years which are both private publications including my autobiography which I hope to release officially sometime in the not too distant future! I also intend to write more books in the future as an author.

Thank you for your interest in me and my music past, present and future! I hope to record and produce a new album soon.

Thanks for following my personal blog.

Magister Militum C-in-C