Blog Background

I will give you a brief description about what has happened to me during the last two years as a background to my blog, which I started very recently and to give you some idea what has been going on in my turbulent life.

I’d had a relatively peaceful and quiet life for about sixteen years apart from a few isolated incidents. I’d decided to stay single and keep myself to myself after the first woman I’d asked to marry back in 2005, and because of all the things that had happened to me, which I spoke about in my autobiography which was a private publication which I wrote and self-published during the first lockdown in 2020, I had developed massive trust issues with many people during my hiatus and needed to be on my own and I’d stopped going out. Hardly anyone made an effort with me anyway, but at the time during those years after my dance music career came to an end, I wasn’t too bothered. I prefered to stay in at home and live my own life in peace and quiet away from negative and toxic people and fairweather friends etc.

Ok so if I go back to the first lockdown of the so-called global “scamdemic” which started last year, it all began with my re-entry into the mental health system around the start of the lockdown. I’d had a sleep disorder for two months and had hardly slept during that time and was in a low mood understandbly so and was finding it difficult to concentrate and function properly. I guess you could say I felt exhausted!

After having been discharged about four to five years earlier after spending about ten years in the system as an outpatient misdiagnosed/wrongly diagnosed as being in a psychosis and having a delusional disorder (which wasn’t true at all) by various psychiatrists when in fact I’d been suffering with P.T.S.D (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and depression etc., someone (I don’t know who yet!) referred me back into the mental health system.

I’d tried weening myself off olanzapine myself which I’d been taking for a number of years which had been prescribed to me to help me sleep. During the first lockdown I produced a new Drum & Bass/Old Skool/Nu Skool/Breakbeat album called “Future Gospel” and had written my second book – my autobiography which was called “The whole truth and nothing but the truth” which was about my whole life so far and my time spent in the dance music business. It was quite controversial to say the least and had never been intended for public consumption.

Previously, I’d asked a woman called Hayley to marry me in an online semi-marriage proposal (who I’m pretty certain I knew briefly as a child when I was aged about ten or eleven and was my first love! She was about five years younger than me and although I can’t remember much about all the details, I just remember falling out with a mutual friend who lived on her street and I decided not to speak to any of them again, but didn’t bother to tell her or the mutual friends and never got a chance to explain as I went to a different high school not long after and never saw her again for many years and I never heard from her either!). I’d been left in limbo and in the dark without an answer or explanation as she instantly blocked me on social media and I had no way of contacting her etc. It was very immature of her to be honest and she could have given me an answer there and then. A simple: “Yes, I’d love to! Propose to me properly and officially” or a “Thanks for the offer. I’m flattered but no thanks. I wish you all the best!” would have sufficed, but instead I was left in limbo and in the dark and tormented and had to suffer instead. She didn’t really help matters. I didn’t even know her ring size and I wasn’t sure if we were just friends in the past or whether she was my ex-girlfriend. But anyway, despite attempting to find out she left me hanging on and it was a big mystery, but I recall always being very fond of her as a child in our brief time together and always thought of her as family even back then even if she couldn’t remember me!

As it transpired, I worked out a way to get back in contact with her and through method of elimination and using what I term as old skool hacking, I was able to work out her email address at her workplace (don’t ask me how!) and I sent her a tongue and cheek email asking if she fancied going for a meal and drink on Valentines Day and I sent some flowers and a card and some chocolates to her workplace. I didn’t get an answer. I later emailed her again covertly because of things I cannot really discuss publically due to security concerns asking her whether I should move on or not as I couldn’t wait anymore being left in limbo and in the dark. Needless to say, she still didn’t provide me with a yes or no answer. I still don’t know why, but anyway not long after this five police officers came round and arrested me which I thought at the time was way over the top and I made this comment to the officers. They took me to the police station and took my mobile phone and a portable drive and had an appropriate adult interview me (not that there was any need) which was designed to undermine me and make me out to be mentally ill. I talked about being an MK ULTRA asset and that I’d been recruited in the past by factions within the military to investigate 9/11 independently over the years.

I ended up getting sectioned and put on a section 2 and sent to a hospital in Bolton where I spent about three weeks and won a tribunal to secure my release. At the time I was suffering from Type 2 diabetes and was almost borderline Type 1. I ended up on a drip one day after coming out of the hospital and had to have fluids and was feeling comatose again.

Not long after that, I also lost my sight for approximately six weeks and had blurred vision. Fortunately, it returned and wasn’t permanent after I ate plenty of raw carrots and fish and vegetables. I reversed my Type 2 diabetes after cutting out sugar and carbohydrates in my diet, but lost about 10 kilograms in weight in a 7 month period. I am not sure if it was because of the diabetes or as a result of EMF radiation poisoning from my phone.

To cut a long story short, I had been sharing classified intel to the public on social media about the truth behind 9/11 and many other major events throughout history including trojan horse security threats as a duty etc. As far as I was concerned, the public needed to know and I wasn’t doing anything wrong. However, it was very dangerous and risky for me and I don’t think the CIA and Israeli’s took to kind to it and I suspect they were involved in trying to undermine me and bump me off by stealth etc.

I had also been used covertly by the CIA in a psy op during the scamdemic (I am not at liberty to discuss it in detail for security reasons) and a couple of months ago, I had to call an emergency ambulance (something I’ve never had to do in the whole of my life!) due to being extremely ill with diarrhea, nausea and vomiting one particular day.

I vomited a grey liquid in the ambulance and at home, my stomach had been convulsing. I seriously believed I was dying at the time and had never experienced anything quite like it. My mobile phone was red hot too and when I turned it off in the hospital, I stopped feeling sick and when I turned it back on I began feeling sick again.

Through method of elimination, I was able to determine that it was highly likely that I’d come under attack from a foreign military force as an MK ULTRA asset for sharing intel on social media and I’d been suffering from acute radiation sickness (I had all the symptoms) as a result of EMF (Electromagnetic Field) radiation poisoning from my cellular phone. The majority of the public aren’t aware of phones being a stealth military weapon as it is top secret, but I know now from first hand experience.

For two months I have been in non-stop pain in both of my kidneys ever since and the bottom of my lungs when I breathe in. However, I’ve not had any pain in my kidneys for a few weeks now. But unfortunately, I got sectioned again and taken to the local hospital on a Section 2 for an assessment for upto 28 days. Their diagnosis was “delusional disorder” which was wrong yet again and it didn’t come as much of a surprise that I’d been totally undermined again by the Nazi’s who control pretty much everything including the mental health system. I actually have an underlying physical health problem which I suspect is acute radiation sickness/EMF radiation poisoning, but unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to visit a military hospital to get checked out as a civilian asset. They will have more experience with regards to this kind of phenomenon. Anyway, I am now apparently on a Section 3 (upto 6 months) on a treatment order in hospital, but am undermined by the Ashkenazi Jews (Nazi’s) on every level and am still in pain. This time my left shoulder has been in constant pain for the last two weeks. No scans or further investigations. I am held here captive against my will as a political prisoner it would appear! So, as a result I decided to keep a journal as I love writing and keep my family, close friends and fans in the loop and keep them informed.

Last year, before the “scamdemic” and being used illegally in a psy op by the CIA and after sharing classified intel which I call open source intelligence, I was doing a few open mic nights at the local pubs in the area where I live singing and playing the guitar. I had intended to possibly do a few DJ gigs in local pubs too and continue making music as a hobby. However, after all the crap with the lockdowns etc., I just gave up on the idea of ever gigging live ever again unless I am paid appearance fees and performance fees. Otherwise, it’s just not worth my time. I have other things to focus and concentrate on these days and new hobbies and interests including an alternative career path I’d like to follow. So, I only do music as a hobby unless it’s worth my while. I’m too old to tour and gig these days. I no longer have the passion for it all like I used to. However, I will still continue to make music as a hobby and for fun and release it. I’m hoping to make a new album if I ever get out of here. Only time will tell!