Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is engineering human beings and manipulating them to be in a certain place and at a certain time and using the lure of money as a tool and instrument to make this happen. It breaks up the family unit and means the man and woman spend time apart travelling to and from “work” and working to pay the neverending bills such as a mortgage, electric, gas and utilities and to afford transport, pay for fossil fuels to get from A to B and to put food and drink on the table and keep a roof over their heads distracted by the lure of money.

The only people and companies that win in this whole scenario and twenty-first century structure called modern society is the oil companies, utility companies and companies which build modern day homes. Most people are like rodents stuck on a ferris wheel going round in a circle in a cage and never really getting anywhere or progressing in life unless they land a well paid job which these days are very few and far inbetween. I know so from personal experience how difficult it is to get anywhere in life despite gaining good grades in school and obtaining a joint honours degree in media studies with business management and I.T.

I’m 45 and have never been able to get a full time contract in employment since leaving university over twenty years ago! You can imagine how disillusioned I am with it all and nevermind the slave industry that the music industry is. If I knew then what I know now, I would never have bothered chasing the dream. In fact I would never recommend anyone follow the normal route into work (slavery) and employment. I’d do things completely different.

This type of human trafficking behaviour never used to happen thousands of years ago before the advent and invention of money and when the lands were seized and stolen and communities and tribes torn apart. People stayed local on the land where they resided and made full use of the resources from the land where they lived at the time and they were completely independent. They didn’t have to work a 9 til 5 and they didn’t have to answer to anyone but their own families and communities and tribes which they were in.

The male was the breadwinner and was a hunter gatherer and hunted food and sourced drink whilst the woman prepared the meals and took care of the children. Society has changed so much that neither parent has the true survival skills necessary and required to be independent and to survive off grid and they now rely on the state to survive or from incomes from their jobs which is how human trafficking has been able to take place.

Slavery has never really been abolished. Instead of paying slaves nothing, the powers that be and slave masters pay slaves the minimum amount possible in the form of a salary nowadays. In some cases they get the slaves to volunteer their services doing voluntary work. Freedom is all but an illusion. Life is a lot more expensive now too compared to a hundred years ago and the cost of homes are a lot more expensive. It’s also difficult for the average family to settle down and afford a wedding to get married and to provide a stable home for their children without getting hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling in debt. Even student fees for university courses are outrageous. Students end up in about thirty thousand pounds worth of debt just to obtain qualifications for jobs they’re not guaranteed to get.

Due to the way 21st century society has prevailed people in general are now godless and there is very little loyalty and commitment. The cost of modern day life has skyrocketed and city life is very satanic.

People nowadays are completely controlled by money or lack of it. It is a unfair system we live in where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Those who created the banking system and currency are literally laughing all the way to the bank and they win everytime and basically never have to work nor their children or grandchildren and they live a life of luxury always going on vacation never having to want for a single thing. It is they who control the human trafficking. It is them who are at the very top of the pyramid system. In this part of the world we are basically slaves to the system and slaves to money. We are not as free as we think and freedom is all but an illusion. We are psychologically controlled by money and the lure of it thus why human trafficking is able to take place amongst our modern day communities. In order to live and survive we have to be at a certain place in time in order to eat and drink and pay the bills which only really benefits the elite. Human trafficking is a serious problem within the twenty first century society.

By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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