Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS)

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS) is a rare but life threatening reaction that can occur in response to medication. One of the symptoms is rigid muscles which is something which I’m currently suffering from as a result of a fortnightly injection I’m on called Zuclopenthixol Decanoate which is part of a C.T.O (Community Treatment Order) which I’m serving after being admitted to hospital a few months ago under the mental health act. One of the complications of this includes kidney failure and high blood potassium. It also affects the nervous system.

I suspect I am suffering from this condition. I have been in pain for several months now in my back, spine and left shoulder and have breathing difficulties when I goto bed and lay on my back ever since being in hospital. I have a swollen lymph node on my left shoulder/neck which is about the size of a pea and I’ve been in constant muscular pain in my left shoulder/arm since I was in hospital and received this fortnightly injection.

The muscular pain and stiffness in my back got increasingly worse since the last injection I had almost a fortnight ago and it is very difficult to sleep let alone breathe without being in pain and having shortness of breath. It hurts when I cough and sneeze. I have to put up with this every night and day. I also get muscular pain around my stomach at the front, sides and back and also around the kidney area. As well as muscular pain in my upper and lower back I get tightness around the front of my chest. I highly suspect it is a result of the fortnightly injection which I’m on which is supposed to make me “think differently” according to the community psychiatric nurse which sees me regularly and administers the injection since my stay in hospital.

It is highly likely a result of the injection, but it is difficult for me to rule out it being a result of diabetes or EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) radiation poisoning from my old phone and number or something else entirely until they stop injecting me. This is all because they believe I have a delusional disorder about EMF radiation poisoning and 9/11 being an inside job! Since when do people get injected with anti-psychotics for their beliefs and/or opinions?!!!

I know I’m right about 9/11 being an inside job and EMF radiation poisoning causing all kinds of physical health issues and no amount of medication or injections will ever change my way of thinking or beliefs. What the mental health system does to patients is no different to how the Nazi’s (AshkeNAZI Jews) persecuted the Christians, Sephardic Jews, Gypsies, mentally ill and disabled in the concentration camps in Nazi Germany during the holocaust in the Second World War! It is outrageous that this behaviour still goes on today in the 21st century.

Tyson Fury (the world heavyweight boxing champion) champions and endorses the mental health system after his own fight with mental illness. However, I don’t! This is the second time their medication has caused me serious harm. The last time (a few years ago) I blacked out and lost consciousness as a result of the anti-depressant medication I was taking in combination with the anti-psychotic medication I was taking which I was mis-sold as helping with a sleep disorder. I do not endorse the mental health system at all. I believe their medications cause all kinds of side effects and are highly dangerous and life threatening. I do not trust the mental health system or the big pharmaceuticals at all anymore.

By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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