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Use small toothbrushes with small baby sized bristles to avoid gum disease and wearing away your gums. The toothbrushes with big bristles are fit for horses mouths, not human ones.

Avoid using toothbrushes like the one above in the picture and use toothbrushes like the one below instead.

Use flouride free toothpaste and filter out the flouride out of the tap water as the nazi’s used flouride in the second world war to dumb the population down. It’s not healthy for the brain or body. After ingesting more than one pea sized amount of toothpaste with flouride in it over a number of decades, it can prove to be highly toxic! It can’t be healthy for ones brain and body. It is likely that it causes brain issues and infertility. So, I’d avoid using toothpaste and tap water with flouride in it.

Avoid using two pillowcases when you sleep. Use one pillowcase instead of two pillowcases to avoid a permanent bent neck in life. It’s not natural to sleep with your neck bent like that otherwise you’ll end up with a permanent bent neck in older age. Two pillowcases are too much no matter how comfy it seems at first. This is something I’ve started to realise over the last few years after sleeping with two pillowcases for decades.

Use just one pillowcase to sleep like the pillowcases pictured above and below.

Use natural Washing up liquid with no chemicals in it to avoid lining plates, cutlery and cups with a film of washing up liquid on them after washing up. It can’t be healthy ingesting a coating of washing up liquid after decades of use.

We’ve been socially conditioned to do all the things which I’ve mentioned above which are not good or healthy for us. They are either toxic for us or unhealthy and can lead to serious problems later on in life such as health issues or posture etc.

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By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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