Social Media Con!

Everyone is connecting on Social Media, but no one is interacting apart from commenting publically. That’s not how you build a network in real life. It can look effective, but in reality means nothing especially as far as business goes and real friendships. Social media is anti-social and doesn’t work in my opinion (not like real face to face interaction). The majority of people just seek attention for their products and services on LinkedIn for example. Nothing productive comes of any time spent on any of these platforms. From my own experience there is very little interaction and engagement despite nearly 500 connections on LinkedIn. I’m a realist and know where to spend time and effort and social media isn’t one of them in all honesty. That’s my conclusion after a decade of usage on these platforms.

All we do is make platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook super rich by adding value to their social media platforms through our free content which we supply to them. Please remember CONTENT IS KING. The same applies to retail platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Unlimited etc. Our intellectual property and digital content adds value to their businesses and makes them worth millions and billions of dollars and it doesn’t cost them a thing to get content from us. Who really wins? They do! It does nothing for the content providers.

By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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