Mental illness is going through middlemen to eat and drink!

An electrician or plumber etc. deals with customers direct and they get paid directly by the customer where as artists/bands and musicians have to go through several middlemen ie. Record Label, Distributor and Retailer to get paid if at all (which doesn’t happen these days!). So, why is this? Why do artists, bands and musicians not deal direct with the fans and sell direct to them and cut out all the greedy, selfish middlemen? Why are you going through middlemen such as Spotify, Amazon Unlimited and Apple Music instead of selling direct to the fans via your own music portal (streaming and download platform) like I do?

When you allow people control over any income from your work, you’ll never see any income. It’s the same scenario in the workplace. You go through several middlemen to get paid by your employer and still haven’t got any food or drink to show for it. You are then required to go through an additional middleman ie. Walmart, Sainsburys, Asda, Lidl etc. to get what you need to live ie. food and drink. It’s a mental illness the system we live under having to go through middlemen. This is why so many of us are starving and never get paid for our work or are prevented from getting paid work despite qualifications such as degrees in business management etc.

The whole system is a scam designed to keep the minority super rich and the poor poor. They stole our lands off our ancestors centuries ago in exchange for money. It was the elite who created currency, the banking system and loans to enslave society and keep them worn out through constant repeated graft. The cycle just continues with very little genuine prosperity for the poor giving us all false hope.

By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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