How to become your own boss!

Anyone can become a Company Director of a Ltd Company or a C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer) of a Plc (Public Limited Company). You just need to go through a Company Formation agent. Most people in life you’ll find are blag artists and on the scam and control others and get them to do all the graft so they don’t have to. The majority of corporations are based on a pyramid system. They get their funding through raising share capital or from venture capitalists.

The world is full of control freaks and scam artists and lazy people who don’t do any real graft… often they wear suits – it’s called power dressing. All to create the illusion of power, authority and success similar to driving expensive motor vehicles. Most people are fake you’ll find in life.

No one needs to work for an employer (corporation). You can become self-employed and do your own taxes and sub contract. Your employers are your customers/clients. You can provide a service to other companies who collect money from their customers and then pay you for the service/s you provide to them.

You don’t need to be an employee of any corporation but your own. As a Limited Company or Plc (Public Limited Company) you can sub-contract to other corporations. You will come out with more money if you sub contract and file your own tax returns by paying yourself dividends on top of a salary. By doing this you pay less tax.

If you are your own boss you will get more respect and will not be treated like children or slaves. You can become a Company Director or C.E.O (Chief Executive Officer) of your own company. Instead of working as an employee for someone elses corporation, you can do B2B (Business to Business) or work directly for the customer/client. No one needs to be an employee ever again and be dictated to.

In the same way Human Resources departments became recruitment agencies and work as third parties, any aspect or department of a corporation can be broken off and become a separate legal entity. If say for example you are an employee on a salary of £20,000 per year, you can form your own limited company and sub contract instead and pay yourself £12,500 per year and the rest of your salary as dividends paid quarterly which means you’ll pay less tax and come out with more money instead of working as an employee. If everyone sub-contracted the world would be a better place and those who were once classed as employees would be better off financially because they are in control of their income and tax returns as opposed to letting your employer deal with it all.

By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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