Content is king!

When you put your music on any third party companies site such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Unlimited, Instagram or Facebook you are promoting their companies not your music releases. These third party companies win everytime and you are freely promoting these platforms without ever getting paid to promote them.

These third party companies and platforms should be paying artists and record labels licensing fees to commercially exploit any music releases but they aren’t doing. When it comes to digital music and streaming, they should be licensing the music and paying upfront for digital music content in the form of digital music content licensing fees otherwise you are providing them with free digital music content which they charge a fee for to the music fans who subscribe to their services.

When you make music and freely give it away to their platforms, your intellectual property is devalued and the work you do becomes slave labour which is majorly exploited. Third party companies such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Unlimited and YouTube etc. are getting away without ever having to pay upfront licensing fees to artists (creators) and are above the law it seems. These third party companies are worth millions and billions of dollars and it is your digital music content which adds value to their businesses. Always remember – content is King.

I will never give them my music content until they start licensing music from me. Otherwise I am just promoting their platforms and never getting paid for my intellectual property. This is why I prefer to deliver and distribute my music straight to the fans and cut out the greedy and unneccesary middlemen who commercially exploit my music without ever paying for the right to do so via my own music portal.

By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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