Anti-Social Media

LinkedIn is a waste of time and effort just like Facebook (Meta), Instagram and Twitter etc. It’s all very anti-social. The traditional ways always worked best ie. Face to Face interaction and communicating verbally over the phone. Social media is a playground for anti-social people and major attention seekers. There is no real networking done on LinkedIn either. It’s a facade and gives people false hope.

I personally can’t be arsed wasting my time anymore on any of these platforms. Nothing productive has ever come from any of them in over a decade of using social media. It’s a waste of time! I stopped using Facebook last year and Instagram earlier this year. I stopped using LinkedIn around the same time and gave it another go recently, but nothing’s changed whatsoever.

All these internet platforms promised us so much and in a way offered us a chance to improve our lives and social networks, but all failed to deliver. Social Media doesn’t work one iota in my opinion and is just full of people competing for attention and passing themselves off as celebrities as such and experts in their chosen fields. I personally think the internet has had it’s day and can offer no more apart from information and the ability to shop online or communicate anti-socia─║ly with people from other parts of the world. It’s failed to deliver what was expected. I really can no longer take any social media seriously or dating apps or streaming services for example such as Spotify, Amazon Unlimited and Apple Music. The internet is just a place which you can find information, purchase goods and services online and communicate digitally and that’s it as far as I am concerned. It promised us all so much, but in the two decades of using it has completely failed to deliver on the actual social networking side of things. I’ve realised after two decades of using the net that it is a complete waste of time and effort and is more geared for anti-social people who constantly crave attention and want to be celebrities.

I’ve got to the stage in my life where I question whether to have a mobile/cellular phone and wi fi. People rarely call or knock on each others doors nowadays. Everything is done via the internet. We live in an ever increasing anti-social world which is heading in the completely wrong direction. People have become lazy and extremely anti-social. The internet wasn’t this bad when it first came on the scene in the late nineties! I really do not like using it anymore just in the same way I stopped watching TV, going to pubs and driving cars etc. None of it appeals to me anymore at all.

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By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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