Social Media Downfall!

I stopped using social media altogether – Instagram early this year, and Facebook last year after having my account suspended numerous times. They do not allow freedom of speech on their platforms and they are full of censorship for anything that goes against their agenda. I have a twitter account, but stopped using it years ago!

I’ve even found LinkedIn to be guilty of censorship too recently. They call telling the truth and pointing out facts such as that the mainstream media in America and the UK are owned, controlled and run by Ashkenazi Jews (Nazi’s) hate speech, even when there is no hatred aimed at anyone or actual hate speech.

The same applies to all other platforms which they collectively own such as Google, Twitter, Facebook (now called Meta), Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Whatsapp and Telegram. There is no privacy on any of their platforms, they collect data on end users and they do not believe in freedom of speech which was the language of the nazi’s and communists.

I would recommend boycotting all social media and any of the platforms which they own, control and run including mainstream media and news channels on TV and the press (print and newspapers). As soon as you block out all of these mediums which I have listed they have no power or control over the masses and will find it extremely difficult to influence and manipulate the public and sway opinion.

Social Media nowadays is just for attention seekers and to provide an alternative form of entertainment. It’s only used to create the illusion that certain people are more popular than others with thousands of fake followers and accounts. It helps to boost their self-inflated ego’s with numerous likes and comments. I no longer bother getting involved in such popularity contests with corrupt internet platforms such as any of these.

Also, it’s not that effective posting on these platforms from a marketing point of view. Some posts are shadow banned, so therefore posts people make don’t always get seen in overcrowded feeds. You might have one hundred thousand followers, but only a thousand see your post and a few hundred engage with it. It’s not a good return on investment in my opinion and the reach of posts are extremely limited.

People don’t always have time to view every post on your social media account and a lot of information gets missed or lost in the flood and tidal wave of posts. As soon as people start following hundreds to thousands of accounts, it’s mission impossible to get maximum coverage and most posts don’t even get seen unless you pay to advertise on the social media platforms to get a guaranteed reach. It just isn’t that effective!

The fact that social media isn’t that effective at reaching my target audience and that it doesn’t believe in freedom of speech is the main reason why I quit social media. It’s had it’s day as far as I am concerned. I’d gladly go back to Yahoo Chat rooms, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and ICQ and using forums. The earliest platforms were old skool and are still the best forms and mediums for social networks and communication, plus freedom of speech existed back in the early days of the net.

My decision to no longer use social media and watch TV (in particular – the news) was a wise one to make. I’m light years ahead of most people and can clearly see when certain things are a waste of precious time and aren’t that effective. Many people use social media as a voice and a platform to be heard and/or seen. Many people have ADHD or are simply lonely or bored. Many use social media to spy on people or to gossip about them or to even manipulate or influence the way they think and behave like the news channels do on TV. So, I completely stay away from it all now. I feel better for it too.

I no longer waste time on social media platforms and get involved in popularity contests. The same applies with withdrawing my music from platforms such as Spotify which was also highly corrupt and fake in my opinion with fake followers and fake streams. Even YouTube is the same! I decided to go back to the old school and do things the traditional way – you can’t beat real face to face interaction (how it used to be!).

So, if you ever wonder why I don’t use social media, now you know the reasons why. It simply doesn’t work for me and I no longer waste my time on it and I am not into public conversations in comments sections. I’ve never understood why people do this unless it’s too appear popular. Nothing is private anymore and if anything it’s anti-social! So, you won’t be seeing me on any social media platforms anymore in the future.

By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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