Future Gospel

Well, I’ve been quiet of lately when it comes to producing electronic dance music. The last song I produced “Let me be your lover” was just after the first lockdown last year and since then I’ve been hospitalised twice this year, so I haven’t felt upto making any new records as I seem to be persecuted a lot and stopped in my tracks frequently. I’m jinxed there is no doubt about it.

I made two new EDM (electronic dance music) albums last year and the year before: “Quantum Leap” and “Future Gospel”. I hope to make a new album in the not too distant future to follow their independent success. I get on average 350 visitors per month from all over the world to my music portal – Uplifted Music & Media Portal, where visitors can stream both albums for free and download free mp3 versions of both albums.

Check out “Let me be your lover” which is a big dance music tune and will be included on the deluxe version of “Future Gospel” as a bonus track to be released at a later date:

I’ve had a number of physical health problems this year including type 2 diabetes and was sectioned twice under the mental health act. So, I haven’t had a good time of it lately and I am trying to bounce back from yet another number of setbacks which have been the story of my life.

My next album will have to be an improvement on the last two albums and every single record I make will have to be massive tunes. I have set a standard to go by now and as soon as I am in the right frame of mind (inspired and motivated) and in good physical health, I’ll start writing and producing music again. I also hope to start gigging if and when I get all the equipment together that I require to put live gigs on, but these things take time and money. Please visit my official artist website:

https://www.markwheawill.com for further news and updates.

I appreciate your support and taking an interest in me and my music and my personal blog which I update frequently about subjects that really matter and which I believe are very important to share with the public. Thanks for visiting my blog!


By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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