Carbon Dioxide Poisoning

Covid is just a fancy name for the flu. This is why it’ll never go away as people are falling for this deception and international scam – hook, line and sinker! No one dies of heart attacks, cancer etc. anymore. It’s always covid. No one gets the flu or a cold now. It’s always covid. How stupid and naive can humans be? They believe everything they see in the news and trust governments too much! Always question everything and learn to think for yourselves rather than be coaxed into believing what the press and governments tell you to believe!

Do people even realise that if you wear a mask for prolonged periods of time, you end up with flu/cold symptoms as a result of breathing in carbon dioxide gas which you exhale and rebreathe in? It’s not rocket science. Carbon dioxide is a waste product. It’s highly toxic to humans. We learnt the basics in science lessons at school. It’s simple biology, chemistry and physics! It lowers your immune system thus reinforcing the covid 19 scam and you end up ill. There is also an increased chance of dying of respiratory failure later on in life as a result of breathing in too much carbon dioxide as a result of wearing those masks for prolonged periods of time. Ask a fireman about the dangers of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gases to human life!

The carbon dioxide gas which we exhale as a bi-product of the air which we breathe in is highly toxic to us and breathing it back in lowers our immune systems and poisons our blood stream which makes us ill and we end up with cold/flu symptoms which helps to reinforce the Covid-19 scam and deception. This is why the so-called pandemic will not end for the foreseeable future because most humans are very naive, gullible and impressionable and they believe everything they see and hear on the news and everything they read in the press.

I personally can’t believe how stupid people are and I have lost a huge amount of respect for them as they are so foolish! This is absolute lunacy. And as for wearing a mask in the outdoors when things are bad enough from the air pollution from chemtrails and carbon monoxide poisoning, it is a clear sign of madness on a whole new level! Breathing fresh clean air is the best remedy you’ll ever have for the flu or a cold. Trust me on this! Breathing fresh clean air is the best thing any of us can do.

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By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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