The Ministry of Defence in the UK has just recently announced the news about it’s new contract with Airbus for it’s military satellite communications system called Skynet 6A which has an eerie and uncanny resemblance to Skynet which is in the Terminator films which featured Arnold Schwarzenneger who’s father was an ex-Nazi SS officer.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the Terminator franchise or doesn’t know what happens in the movies I’ll try to explain. Basically, an artificial intelligence program which involves military communication satellites becomes self-aware and triggers a nuclear holocaust when humans try to shut it down.

So, it appears as though science fiction is now becoming a reality and is in fact science fact. There is a massive reliance on technology nowadays such as artificial intelligence and machines which seems highly dangerous to me (especially if programmed by the bad guys and falling into the wrong hands!) The Terminator movies and Robocop spring to mind when it comes to Skynet which I believe could pose a real threat and danger to humanity especially with regards to Judgement Day which is prophecised in the Holy Bible.

It seems as though the human race is being imprisoned further and dominance over the skies is a real and present danger to our freedoms. From what I do understand is that the powers that be want everyone hooked upto the internet via their brains by about 2030 to 2040. I’m even of the conclusion that cellular phones will be able to read our minds and thoughts within about a decade. I suspect this technology is already available to the military industrial complex as similar inventions already exist and are being used and are in the marketplace. The mark of the beast draws ever closer and technology is becoming more and more invasive and is also making human beings redundant.

We are already seeing signs of this in Italy where people are protesting against the green pass which means anyone wishing to work, travel or visit places such as bars, restaurants and clubs have to be vaccinated in order to get their freedoms back. This in itself is very similar to Nazi Germany where people had to wear the Star of David in order to identify themselves as being Jewish.

Even the apps on our phones for track and trace bear an uncanny resemblance to Nazi Germany in the past. I can understand if the government’s around the world are starting to recognise a serious problem with air pollution from vehicles such as cars and trucks and chemtrails from airplanes and for wanting to go green as soon as possible, but it seems it’s being done via stealth and the covid 19 pandemic is some kind of cover story to restrict and limit travel and movement and usher through a new industrial revolution using electric motor vehicles and greener fuels, but doing it under the guise of a pandemic is wrong on all accounts. Why doesn’t the government just be honest?! It’s not about saving the Planet Earth. It’s about saving lives and breathing clean air!

This is obviously a serious issue and now it seems there is a serious threat with Skynet if it is misused and falls into the wrong hands. It appears as though we’re braced for a takeover of humanity by machines, drones and satellite systems. It may not happen until about 2025, but giving this system the name “Skynet” should ring alarm bells especially if 9/11 was an inside job as I suspect. If the bad guys are already in control, then Skynet poses a real danger and threat to humanity.

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By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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