The truth about 9/11

The day before 9/11 on the 10th September, Donald Rumsfeld announced that trillions of dollars were unaccounted for and missing from the military budget at the Pentagon. Convienently, none of this was mentioned in the 9/11 commission report which was published as part of the investigation into what happened on 9/11.

They also left out another red flag that the Pentagon got hit in the exact spot where the investigation was taking place into the trillions of dollars that had gone missing! The FBI refused to show the full CCTV footage of the supposed commercial jetliner which was flown into the building in the exact spot where the investigation was taking place.

This is because a commercial jetliner never hit the building. In fact, it was a cruise missile which hit the Pentagon to ensure all evidence was destroyed which would have linked the missing funds back to the culprits. None of this was mentioned in the 9/11 commission report. Nor was there any mention of the other red flag which was World Trade Centre building no. 7 which was completely demolised in a controlled demolition that day. The building was home to the FBI and CIA and suffered no structural damage as a result of debris hitting it from the twin towers.

WTC 7 was not hit by any planes, nor was there any visible out of control fires which would be enough to bring a building down. And besides, what were the chances of three buildings collapsing that day?! The BBC also screwed up that day by reporting that WTC 7 had collapsed an hour before the building was brought down by a controlled demolition. WTC 7 was stiĺl stood standing in the background of the footage that was broadcast an hour before it was demolished.

There were many red flags that day which would have proved that the narrative and lies we were fed about what happened on 9/11 were a bunch of lies and a major deception. It was an inside job 100,000,000%!!!! Those responsible for stealing the trillions of dollars from the Pentagon and for the mass murder of thousands of people that day and millions in the aftermath have never been brought to justice!

There were hundreds to thousands of people involved in the highly illegal black op on 9/11 and they are serious war criminals who still have not been brought to justice. It is my conclusion and opinion that Ashkenazi Jews (Nazi’s) including George Bush Jnr, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and Osama Bin Laden (aka Tim Osman) were some of the chief culprits behind the attack and theft that day.

The Ashkenazi Jews (Nazi’s) controlled both sides. They controlled the military personnel involved in the training exercise that day and the airspace and also controlled the so-called “terrorist” assets. Osama Bin Laden was previously a CIA asset and tactician and he was still a CIA and Mossad asset on the day of 9/11 and had posed as a Muslim and as the leader of Al Qaeda in order to recruit vulnerable people for the operation and to help create the illusion that muslims were responsible for 9/11.

The people behind 9/11 got extremely wealthy that day and stole trillions of dollars and committed mass murder on a scale not seen before. It was their people involved in insuring the buildings against a terrorist attack shortly before the event took place. They were also responsible for demolishing all the buildings and destroying any evidence which linked it back to them. They were also responsible for clearing all the debris in the aftermath and for overseeing the investigation.

So, they not only controlled both sides, but also every aspect of 9/11 and the investigation into it which followed which meant they dictated the narrative we were fed via the mass media in America and the UK which is owned, run, controlled and staffed by Ashkenazi (the clue is in the name!) Jews (Nazi’s). A very similar event has also recently took place too – that being this hoax pandemic (scamdemic). The same scenario took place on 7/7 too! My question is this: When will those truly responsible for 9/11, 7/7 and the scamdemic face trial and be brought to justice?

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By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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