I was discharged from the Brook Ward at the hospital on Thursday, 7th October 2021. I am currently on a fortnightly depot (injection) called Zuclopenthixol Decanoate which I suspect has been causing me many sleepless nights and a lot of pain in my upper and lower back, spine and breathing difficulties.
It is known to cause many side effects including glucose impaired intolerance and fatalities in older patients with dementia. So, as you can imagine this is highly concerning.

I have been waking up regularly at about 4am every night in tremendous agony and unable to get back to sleep. I have now been prescribed procylidine to counteract the side effects and symptoms I have been getting as a result of the depot (injection)! It seems to be helping a bit and the breathing difficulties at night have eased a little and pain in my back.

However, I am still getting muscular pain in my upper and lower back and also around the sides and front of my chest. Bright lights are too intense when I first wake up and turn the lights on and are almost blinding. My left shoulder is still in a great deal of pain and it has been like that for two months solid. I do not have the usual movement in my left arm and I suspect it could be a frozen shoulder. What caused it, I do not know!?

I spent just over two months on the Brook Ward and was compliant with all the medication (just like the first time I was sectioned) I was prescribed up until after the farce of a tribunal what with all the lies and inaccuracies. After that, I decided to stop taking all the prescribed medication as a protest and also due to my concern over diabetes medication (metformin) causing cancer after I spotted an article in the Manchester Evening News about it. I also stopped taking olanzapine which I was prescribed up until the depot as that medication is known to cause diabetes and incontinence which I’ve suffered from.

I should never have been sectioned on both occasions this year! The first section which lasted about three weeks on the Meadowbrook Ward in Bolton, I was borderline type 1 diabetes. Not long after winning the tribunal for that first section, I spent a few hours on a drip in the local hospital as I was almost comatose and my blood sugar levels were at an all time high of 28!

A few weeks after that I lost my vision and it was blurred for six weeks. Somehow, I managed to reverse it, but I lost 10kg in the process. I soon put that weight back on again when I was sectioned again for the second time this year and now weigh a healthy 83kg. However, my stomach is not as flat as it was most likely due to the medication and lack of exercise for two months plus. Hopefully, I’ll shift it in good time.

I do believe that I was wrongly diagnosed yet again and should never have been sectioned on either of the occasions. During the second section and the lead upto it, I was not delusional nor was I psychotic which is the diagnosis I was given by the Responsible Clinician on the Brook Ward. All I did was express deep concern about being the unfortunate victim of a suspected EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) attack which quite possibly caused me EMF radiation poisoning. I had to call an emergency ambulance that day as I have already explained in previous blog posts.

The dangers of Electro Magnetic radiation poisoning are not widely known or common knowledge with the public. I don’t know why this is, but I suspect it’s due to complete ignorance. There are a number of things which are attributed to Electro Magnetic hyper sensitivity such as sleep disorders, tinnitus, diabetes, cancer and leukemia etc. I have explained more about this in recent blog posts.

Anyway, I am very happy to have finally got my freedom back from persecution and being deeply undermined by the mental health professionals and I plan to appeal against my C.T.O (Community Treatment Order). Not only was I a victim of an EMF attack for sharing intel about 9/11, 7/7, the scamdemic and world wars 1 & 2 on social media, but I was also the victim of punitive psychiatry for being a dissident and whistleblower. Another reason I was sectioned for a second time this year was because I’d written to the GMMH Foundation Trust threatening to take legal action against them and sue for compensation. I also asked them for a freedom of information request and never received it. There has been serious corruption and negligence taking place in my case and this is not over by a long shot. They did everything they could to undermine me and be difficult.

I am now in a fight to get my physical health back upto a 100% and recover from the whole ordeal which seemed more like a prison and concentration camp for criminals than a hospital ward for patients to recover from illness. The pain in both my kidneys went after two months and now I have serious pain in my back and when I’m breathing in at night. It feels sore where I was injected too, and so far, I have not been treated for any of the symptoms. There have been no recent scans of my back and lungs. All I’ve had is a urine test and urgent blood test recently and told to take ibuprofen as an anti-imflammatory. So, I will have to keep persevering until I get to the bottom of it. Not only was last year a write off, but also this year too, so I hope and pray for good physical health and a better year next year!

By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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  1. That was very well, I’m concerned by solar treatment. It is very much how you described it as a ward for prisoners than it is a hospital for recovery. We should get together one day and share some ideas and get something done. 2 is better than 1

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