Cashless Society

Get ready, because unless we do something drastic, a cashless society is coming and I can see the danger signs already!

Everytime you pay by card and swipe your card or use the contactless form of payment you edge a step nearer to a cashless society which is dangerous in my opinion and will be open to serious abuse and corruption by those who own, control and run the cashless society which will most likely be cryptocurrency which is actually worthless and not backed up by any gold standard.

I’d never trade or invest or buy into a fictitious and limitless currency such as Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. In the future there will be technical issues with people not being able to buy goods and services due to not being able to process transactions when telecommunication systems go down and stop operating which is highly likely.

The powers that be will prevent certain people from being able to buy food and drink if they’re a political dissident or just to cause people maximum disruption to their lives preventing them from being able to purchase goods and services and the worst case scenario people being starved to death through having their ability to pay for food and drink switched off!

Gone will be the days where you can pay for goods and services in cash. If things get really bad, people will go back to bartering and trading the traditional and old skool way, but first there will be chaos when society realises it has been led far astray and this latest trojan horse is revealed as being correct all along. Imagine the devastation it will bring to people’s lives if they’ve no way of paying for things! It will be chaos because they’re so use to a digital currency which only works if there are no issues with the energy sector and telecommunications.

There are all kinds of things that can go wrong with a cashless society and the abuse and corruption which it will be subject to without naming them. I’d suggest going back to paying for things in cash in the shops and supermarkets etc. Insert your debit card or credit card into the card reader. Don’t swipe it or use contactless, otherwise you are gradually giving the powers that be the go ahead for a cashless society. They are already socially conditioning you now ready for this next revolutionary change in transaction processes, so change your habits now whilst it’s not too late!

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By Mark Wheawill

Artist/DJ/Record Producer/Author

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