Cashless Society

Get ready, because unless we do something drastic, a cashless society is coming and I can see the danger signs already! Everytime you pay by card and swipe your card or use the contactless form of payment you edge a step nearer to a cashless society which is dangerous in my opinion and will be… Continue reading Cashless Society

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Einstein Was A Fraud!

Albert Einstein was a fraud! He worked at the Patent Office and intercepted Tesla’s patents and inventions. Albert Einstein supposedly came up with the Theory of Relativity: E = mc2. However, I can come up with thousands of better equations than him for producing more energy from mass. For example: E = mc3, E =… Continue reading Einstein Was A Fraud!

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If you’ve ever looked up and gazed at the skies, you’ll often notice the toxic waste dumped from the jet engines of airplanes like I do. This highly toxic waste product from jet engine fuel is dumped on the populations from above on a regular consistent basis and is one of the main causes of… Continue reading Chemtrails

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Electronic Harassment

The phenomenon is real. Electronic Harassment is something I’ve been a victim of for a number of years. Many people will have never heard of it before and will not understand what is meant by the term “electronic harassment” and what electronic harassment is, but I am here to lay claim to also being a… Continue reading Electronic Harassment

Ward Update

Well I’ve been hospitalised for just over two months now and have recently been getting unescorted leave. Hopefully I’ll get discharged soon! A few weeks ago, I was given a depot despite being non-psychotic and compliant with diabetes medication etc., up until my farce of a tribunal and seeing the article about Metformin causing cancer… Continue reading Ward Update

Happy 40th Birthday!

Dear Hayley. I don’t know if you will get to read this or not, but despite all our ups and downs, I still wish you all the best on your special day.   So, here is my online birthday greetings message to you on my personal blog/journal: To Hayley, Thinking of you on your special… Continue reading Happy 40th Birthday!

Roman Calendar

My friend Ali from Kashmir who has been on the same ward as me here at the hospital, made a great point to me the other day about the calendar which we base our days, months and years on (essentially our time!). It’s something I’ve already thought about myself a few years back and I… Continue reading Roman Calendar

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Secret Codes

I have always had a keen interest in studying foreign languages and family trees and the origins of people’s surnames since I was a little boy. I studied GCSE French, Spanish and German at high school and I am currently learning a number of new languages such as Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Greek and Hindi.… Continue reading Secret Codes

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There is a lot more to the scamdemic aka covid 19/coronavirus pandemic than most people realise. Not only is it essentially a health racketeering scam to steal millions (if not billions) of pounds in tax payers money to fund all the businesses involved in the covid 19/coronavirus hoax and to line the pockets of the… Continue reading Scamdemic

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Name Trojan Horses

What is becoming more and more apparent to me and many others is the national security issues with foreign names and crypto jewish names and surnames being translated into English and adopting crypto names and surnames and being used to infiltrate the land and organisations and these people (or assets as I shall call them!)… Continue reading Name Trojan Horses

Life On The Ward So Far

The Section 2 of the Mental Health Act that I was put under on the ward I’m on at this hospital started on the 22nd July 2021. It was for a period of upto 28 days assessment and then after that after enduring a complete farce of a tribunal which I lost (unlike the last… Continue reading Life On The Ward So Far

How I Feel About Society

At almost age 45, I feel conned and scammed by the life we’re living and the artificial society that has been constructed around us during the last couple of thousand years since the fall of the Roman Empire. I no longer have any interest in watching TV (the brainwashing box which is what it really… Continue reading How I Feel About Society

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How To Make Real Currency

If you want to become a trillionaire it’s easy when you know how! You simply get yourself a blast furnace and melt down a load of scrap metal such as bronze, copper, silver and gold and then mint the melted down metals into coins and give your highest value coin ie. the gold coin a… Continue reading How To Make Real Currency

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The Truth About The Mass Media

During the lockdowns last year we were told some businesses were essential services. They lied to us unfortunately. The Mass Media ie. News on TV, Newspapers and Radio are not essential services whatsoever! They are merely the propaganda wing of the Nazi government and the majority are owned, run and controlled by the Ashkenazi Jews… Continue reading The Truth About The Mass Media