The new norm?!

What we don’t want is lockdowns, vaccines and mask wearing to become the new norm. Corrupt governments are more of a danger than some hyped up flu virus! A trillion per cent! Trust God, not governments. And trust your own immune system. This health racketeering scam needs to come to an end and the sooner… Continue reading The new norm?!

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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is engineering human beings and manipulating them to be in a certain place and at a certain time and using the lure of money as a tool and instrument to make this happen. It breaks up the family unit and means the man and woman spend time apart travelling to and from “work”… Continue reading Human Trafficking

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS)

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS) is a rare but life threatening reaction that can occur in response to medication. One of the symptoms is rigid muscles which is something which I’m currently suffering from as a result of a fortnightly injection I’m on called Zuclopenthixol Decanoate which is part of a C.T.O (Community Treatment Order) which… Continue reading Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS)

Tips for the home

Use small toothbrushes with small baby sized bristles to avoid gum disease and wearing away your gums. The toothbrushes with big bristles are fit for horses mouths, not human ones. Avoid using toothbrushes like the one above in the picture and use toothbrushes like the one below instead. Use flouride free toothpaste and filter out… Continue reading Tips for the home

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Social Media Con!

Everyone is connecting on Social Media, but no one is interacting apart from commenting publically. That’s not how you build a network in real life. It can look effective, but in reality means nothing especially as far as business goes and real friendships. Social media is anti-social and doesn’t work in my opinion (not like… Continue reading Social Media Con!

Mental illness is going through middlemen to eat and drink!

An electrician or plumber etc. deals with customers direct and they get paid directly by the customer where as artists/bands and musicians have to go through several middlemen ie. Record Label, Distributor and Retailer to get paid if at all (which doesn’t happen these days!). So, why is this? Why do artists, bands and musicians… Continue reading Mental illness is going through middlemen to eat and drink!

Content is king!

When you put your music on any third party companies site such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Unlimited, Instagram or Facebook you are promoting their companies not your music releases. These third party companies win everytime and you are freely promoting these platforms without ever getting paid to promote them. These third party companies… Continue reading Content is king!

Anti-Social Media

LinkedIn is a waste of time and effort just like Facebook (Meta), Instagram and Twitter etc. It’s all very anti-social. The traditional ways always worked best ie. Face to Face interaction and communicating verbally over the phone. Social media is a playground for anti-social people and major attention seekers. There is no real networking done… Continue reading Anti-Social Media

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Music Streaming doesn’t work!

Third party retail companies involved in streaming music are basically the new record companies which obtain our intellectual property (music content) for free without ever paying for the right to commercially exploit it. This is why there’s no money in record sales anymore because no ones paying for the right to commercially exploit it. They… Continue reading Music Streaming doesn’t work!

Social Media Downfall!

I stopped using social media altogether – Instagram early this year, and Facebook last year after having my account suspended numerous times. They do not allow freedom of speech on their platforms and they are full of censorship for anything that goes against their agenda. I have a twitter account, but stopped using it years… Continue reading Social Media Downfall!

Future Gospel

Well, I’ve been quiet of lately when it comes to producing electronic dance music. The last song I produced “Let me be your lover” was just after the first lockdown last year and since then I’ve been hospitalised twice this year, so I haven’t felt upto making any new records as I seem to be… Continue reading Future Gospel

Carbon Dioxide Poisoning

Covid is just a fancy name for the flu. This is why it’ll never go away as people are falling for this deception and international scam – hook, line and sinker! No one dies of heart attacks, cancer etc. anymore. It’s always covid. No one gets the flu or a cold now. It’s always covid.… Continue reading Carbon Dioxide Poisoning

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How to fund your music project

It’s the 21st century and the bubble has burst on the music industry. If you choose the independent route the best ways to finance your music projects and business ventures nowadays is through seeking Third party investors, selling shares in your company or raising finance by taking out a business loan or arranging an overdraft… Continue reading How to fund your music project

The Game

Never look for a record deal just go ahead and release your own music and wait for record label’s to approach you to sign you up and license your music from you. Never wait to be booked for gigs. Go out and hire venues and put gigs on yourself. Put on an album tour and… Continue reading The Game

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Vehicles such as cars and trucks emit a very dangerous and harmful gas from the vehicle exhaust pipes which is called carbon monoxide which is a highly deadly toxic odourless colourless gas which kills people and causes lung disease, brain disease, cancers and asthma etc. when inhaled and breathed in. People who live in crowded… Continue reading Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Pay to Play

When it comes to the music business, even they are socially conditioning you to pay to play music releases. It was discussed and planned as far back as two decades ago. I remember the conversations and discussions very well on the GU (Global Underground) Forum in the early days of the internet back in the… Continue reading Pay to Play